[A] (Turalyon) - <Neverender> - Normal/Heroic (AotC) - Sun/Mon 8-11pm (est)! LF ranged DPS!

(Siyonae) #1

[A] - {Neverender} - US - Turalyon

Uldir: 8/8 N - 8/8 H (AotC)
BoD: 9/9 N - 9/9 H (AotC)
CoS: 2/2 N - 2/2 H (AotC)
EP: 7/8 N

Raid Nights: Sun/Mon 8:00pm -11:00pm (EST)

We also run content most other evenings (mythic+'s, islands, old raids, events, wpvp), just not always on a set schedule.

We are a group of friendly, helpful, and mature players (mostly 30+) who have played the game for most of WoW’s existence. We offer a more relaxed raiding environment for those with real life priorities/schedules (but we do hope you will do your best to attend on raid nights or at least give a heads up if you cannot make one!). Our focus is on seeing the content while having fun!

Looking For:

Those who miss having a guild “home”, who do their best, are open to learning, and who will research the content they would like to be running and come prepared.
We do not tolerate elitists. We do not tolerate anyone who is not a team player.

:crossed_swords: DPS: All classes/specs considered!
We are especially looking for: Ranged DPS

:herb: Healers: We do not need healers at this time, but a healing off spec is always welcome!

:shield: Tanks: We do not need tanks at this time, but a tanking off spec is always welcome, especially for M+!

PLEASE, do not apply for a key position such as tanking or healing if you have a history of iffy attendance and/or disappearing. Be a team player! :orange_heart:

Contact Info:

If you are interested, please contact myself, Siyonae. You can reach me here on the forums, through Battlenet, or in-game. You can also contact Koare.

Battlenet Tag is: Nickidoodles#1448 Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! :smiley:

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To incite rage and therefore buff DPS :heart:


Home off sarcasm and love! And I guess Kenny G . And a splash of pvp bloodlust!! Lol


Hello! I sent you a friend request on Bnet. I’m Swinkyy#1799

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I look forward to chatting with you!

(Jaharra) #7

Hello there fellow Turalyon guild. Hope your having a wonderful day

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Same to you, friend! :smiley:


Puts Kenny G on loop

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Tries to mute Ralios. Ralios cannot be muted.


^^^^^ This.

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Or so he thinks. :wink:


Duct tape works well! Lol


Tpaartos has taught me how to overcome such minor inconveniences like duct tape.

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Showing some guild love for Glory of the Uldir Raider in one night <3


Can you do the pewpew?

Can you do the pewpew from far away?

You should come do the pewpew with us!

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The latest cereal: “Nathan-O’s”!


Can you do the pewpew? :snowflake::bow_and_arrow::dagger::boom::crossed_swords::zap:

You should come do the pewpew with us!

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Do you like to stab things while wearing leather?
We’re looking for you! :dagger:

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I like to stab things wearing mail!