[A] <Trusty Patches> Recruiting! 9/12M NWC

Considering Mage, Lock, RSham, Disc.

Raid times:
Wednesday and Sunday 6:30pm - 9:30pm server time (AEST)

Who are we?

Trusty Patches look to recruit players who want to focus on progression without the pressure of a hardcore guild. We aim to take progression and our raiding times seriously, without being hardcore.

We are currently 9/12M NWC. Our goal is to clear the majority of content within each patch, but we won’t be promising cutting edge (though it’s definitely the goal). Our focus will be on good progression.

What are we are looking for?

We’re looking for mature, fun people who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn their classes the fights and contribute to progression. Commitment and communication are paramount - this means letting people (Guild Master/Raid Leader/Officers) know when you won’t make a raid ahead of time.

As 8.3 has been released, this is the requirement for raiding this tier:

-Neck lvl 80 minimum
-470+ ilvl minimum (unless gear is min/maxed)
-All class/spec required essences at rank 3
-Fully updated Cloak
-Understand the basics for fights - watch a video/read a guide
-Make sure you’re buffed and enchanted. We’re all adults and equal partners trying to enjoy getting somewhere - just carry your weight, be open to criticism and be a good teammate.

Will be also considering those who have a playable off-spec/flex role or up to date alts.

If you have any questions/looking for an invite message our Bnets!
Real ID - SurrealHs#1410 or Mashman#11518

Back into recruitment! On M Opulence.

Ideal for NZ-based players who also like to sleep (and meme).

Just downed Opulence!!

Bump! Downed Conclave and looking for a Mage or Rogue!

Still Recruiting!

We are now taking recruitment for next tier. If you want to apply to potentially raid for next tier then sign up! we will consider all applicants while trialing occurs, this most likely will occur closer to patch.

Bump! Downed Conclave and looking for a Mage or Rogue!

We are in high need of a healer!

Just downed Rasta! Still in recruitment!!

Still in need of Mage! Also healer!

We are now just looking for a high performing dedicated healer!

Still looking for a RDruid or Rsham.

Looking for more Raiders.

Considering Applicants! Strong Heals preferred.

We are back looking for Heals and DPS.

Still looking for Raiders!

Still recruiting!

Back to recruiting! looking for Heals/Casters

Still going. Recruiting anyone who can force an Unholy DK to a bench spot + big pumper healers