[A] <Treason> Recruitment

Treason is an established, mature raiding guild looking for more to fill spots for Blackwing Lair. We are 7/8 BWL after having been clearing Molten Core since November.

Progression Raid (Blackwing Lair): Tue/Wed 6pm to 9pm server time

Catchup Raid (Molten Core/Onyxia): Sunday 6pm to 9pm server time Currently recruiting:

 warrior tanks
 holy priest
 holy paladin
 mage dps
 rogue dps
 warrior dps (willing to tank when needed)
 warlock dps
 pretty much anything will be considered, including package deals

We use loot council with a lot of feedback from the raid members for loot distribution. Contact me via discord DeathAndTaxes#4101 or in-game contact Lazario, Deadnbroke, or ask any guildie if an officer is online for details!