[A] Top Feral from Earthfury LF guild / arena partners after Transfer


I will likely be transferring my Feral from Earthfury to Eranikus after next reset because I can’t find decent healers to play arenas with. So I figured I’d get a head start on the hunt for a pve guild & arena partners.

In terms of PvE:

  • I have extensive knowledge of this expansion, my class, spec, etc. I come prepared and ready to slay dragons.

In terms of PvP:

  • Currently I hover ~2.3k in 2s, ~2k in 3s as feral rogue, but this is kind of the ceiling for this comp.
  • Looking for a disc / rsham to push R1 with in 2s.
  • Prefer Feral/Ele/Healer > Feral/Aff/Hpala > Jungle > FMP > Kitty for 3s. Currently ~2k in 3s.