[A] Titans Judgment is now recruiting!

Hello friends of Shadow Council and Blackwater Raiders alike! If you are looking to get into endgame content of all natures, whether it’s Raiding, Mythic+, or PvP, please read on! :cowboy_hat_face:

Titans Judgment is one of the realm’s oldest major raiding guilds, and is currently poised to head into Shadowlands looking extremely strong. We boast an accomplished roster, hosting some of the realm’s highest Mythic+ Raider.io players, ShC/BWR’s only Grand Marshal RBG team, and a number of well-seasoned 2.4k+ Arena players. We are currently looking for players of ages 18 and up, with an emphasis on reliable, open-minded, and self-motivated individuals. However, we do have a mild focus on some particular classes and specs:

Protection Paladin
Havoc Demon Hunter
Windwalker Monk
Mistweaver Monk
Any Spec Rogue
Shadow Priest
Enhancement Shaman
Balance Druid

Our guild’s main focus is currently on endgame Mythic raiding. With the fastest record of boss kills on the realm in Ny’alotha, we have killed roughly one Mythic boss per week and a half since entering Mythic. Our current raid times are Thursday 8PM-11PM EST, and Saturday 6PM-9PM EST. Attendance is mandatory on at least one day for trials, and both days for core raiders (barring major exceptions).

Raiders will be expected to show up regularly, on time, and give notice if they intend to be absent or late. We know this isn’t your job, but we also expect a level of common courtesy from our raiders, as we dedicate our time an effort to make the game fun for you! Raiders will also be expected to keep up-to-date on their class and spec’s optimization, and are subject to replacement if we feel your performance is lackluster. However, we will provide all the assistance we can, and can connect you with reliable sources of information, helpful groups to show you the ropes, and materials/consumables to make sure your character is powered up. :sunglasses:

However, our focus is also turning to Shadowlands as the expansion’s end draws near. As we enter the next expansion, we hope to foster a lively and close-knit community of adults who enjoy having fun, but also take their performance in the game seriously. We ask that you are active, and commit at least several hours of non-raid time to the guild a week. We want people who are looking for a community to hang out in, rather than those who can commit to raid times alone.

If this sounds like a community you’d be interested in joining, please do not hesitate to reach out to an officer! Here are the places you can send a PM or In-Game mail if you are interested in joining Titans:

Rhonus-ShadowCouncil (Guild Master, Tank Officer, and Raid Leader)
Archangel-ShadowCouncil (Healing Officer and Recruitment)
Gunboyten-ShadowCouncil (DPS Officer, Raid Strategy, and Guild Economy)
Adrain-ShadowCouncil (DPS Officer and Guild Management)
Elbek-BlackwaterRaiders (Internal Affairs and Raid Strategy)

Thank you for reading, and stay safe :gift_heart: