[A] Titans Judgment is looking for more!

Hello again, friends! Glad to see we all made it into the Shadowlands safe and sound :3

My name is Joyari, and I’m the recruitment officer for Titans Judgment. We are one of the realm’s oldest and strongest endgame raiding guilds, and with the arrival of the new expansion, we’re looking for talented, fun-loving, and active players to join us in exploring all that WoW has to offer. Our guild’s focus is on Mythic Raiding, but we also have a history of success in Rated Battlegrounds, Arena, and Mythic+ too! We currently raid Tues/Wed at 7PM-10PM EST, and Saturday 7PM-10PM EST as an optional offday for fun events.

We take a semi-serious approach to the game, so while we do have requirements and standards regarding performance, we also understand life happens, and ultimately want to foster an environment that’s fun for everyone involved. If you’re interested in learning about the game, and honing your skills alongside equally driven gamers, we may be the right guild for you!

Our community is comprised of a diverse cast of adults, who value success equally as much as fun. We are not in need of any specific classes or specs, but DPS is currently our most in-demand role. We provide raiders with all raiding materials, from flasks and food to gems and enchants, and can even help you in acquiring legendaries or completing weekly tasks for your Vault. We do require our raiders to maintain a working knowledge of their own class and spec, but we will always be there to connect you with resources that can help you put out the numbers that you want, and that we need. We are also exclusively looking for players prepared to commit to our current raid times, as well as multiple hours outside of raid.

Lastly, we are looking primarily for people who love the game, and have a good attitude, over those with significant endgame raiding experience. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, I encourage you to reach out and touch base with me via Discord, or in-game mail.

Discord: joyari#1520
IGM: Joyari-ShadowCouncil

Thank you all, and have a wonderful start to Shadowlands :gift_heart: