[A] <TISM> Khaz/Dath/Aman'Thul LFM to join H CN progression

TISM Is a social raiding guild formed at the beginning of Shadowlands by a group of friends from Classic.

We are currently 10/10N and beginning Heroic with 1/10
Our raiders are of all varying experiences from new players to ex mythic raiders and we pride ourselves on having fun while progressing through content at our own pace!
We have goals of AOTC as well as many members chasing keystone master.
We have a very active discord as well as weekly events!

Raid Schedules

  • Wednesday 8:00pm ST - 10:00pm ST
  • Sunday 8:00pm ST - 11:00pm ST

We are currently recruiting DPS for our H progress and are looking for the following class/specs:

  • Balance Druid
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • One other DPS of any class/spec

TISM Is open to every one so all are welcome! If you are interested please contact me through Bnet Tebbz#1524
or, Find us through guild finder! :slight_smile: