(A) <Timerunners> MoP:Remix Guild

Guild name:

Guild Faction:

Guild Description:
Timerunners is a casual/social guild for people exploring the PvE content in the Mists of Pandaria Remix event on the Wyrmrest Accord-US server. Roleplay is not at all required, per se, but roleplayers are welcome and encouraged to join.

Active Times:
During weekdays, any organized events would be held during the evening (6pm server time or later). Weekend events may have more flexible start times.

Anyone and everyone looking for a casual, family-friendly, and inclusive group to experience Remix content with; roleplayers; or even folks who just want a friendly chat channel to gab on!

There are no activity or ability requirements to join or maintain membership in Timerunners. We only require that you are friendly and inclusive to all players!

have you thought about making it a community so people can play x server? id be interested im moonbearclaw on zul’jin

I have had a fair number of folks ask about cross-faction, but I think this is the first time anyone’s asked about cross-faction. The honest answer is that I haven’t looked into how communities work, versus the guild structures that I’m used to from way back when. I’m not opposed to it, by any means, though.