[A] <Time Whales> Recruiting Core Raiders

[A] Time Whales is recruiting for core raid spots for Phase 2.

Classes in high demand (as of Feb 4)
DK tank (Blood w/ Frost offspec)
Paladin tank (Prot w/ Ret offspec)
Druid tank (Bear w/ Cat offspec)
Warrior tank (Prot w/ Fury offspec)
Rogue (Combat or Assass)
Ret Pally

Classes also considered (as of Feb 4)
Priest (Disc)
Priest (Shadow w/ Holy offspec)
Druid (Resto)
Druid (Boomkin w/ Resto offspec)

What We Offer
We have run only one raid with a majority of the same members since the start of Classic. We like to clear raids quickly and efficiently. Throughout Vanilla, we held the fastest P3-P6 raid clears on Smolderweb [A] under the name . In our brief stint playing TBC, we achieved US 24th T4 clear with a US 4th speedkill ranking.

We want positive people who try to get the most out of their character(s). We like players who know their class well and come prepared to raid. We love people who are into the game and having fun.

Raid times (PST)
Saturday evenings 5:30 - 9:30 PM PST (Temporary until Algalon)
Sunday evenings 5:30 - 9:30 PM PST (Main raid day)

Loot system
Loot is handled via RCLootCouncil where priority and roll eligibility is decided before raids and publicly available. We work together as a guild to allocate loot and everyone’s input is welcome and preferred.

*If you are interested, please message Klops#2501 on Discord for a link to our application form.


I have two characters at 80 both Naxx Geared. My warrior is Prot (very close to full Naxx BIS Decent Fury/Arms set) my DK is frost(decently geared)

Warrior has Undying and Of the Nightfall.