[A] [Thunderfury] <Ragnarok>Thurs/Sat 13/15 Naxx LFM

The [Ragnarok] family has opened recruitment to exceptional players whom are looking for an opportunity to be part of our core raid team for Naxx (Currently 13/15). Please contact me (Sixmage) through Battle.net Sixers#1810

Ragnarok Introduction

Ragnarok is more than just P1 Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild. We have created a strong and dedicated core community that we consider our family. Our objective in Ragnarok has always been about creating a balanced environment of both progression and having fun. With this being the final phase of classic our primary objective is about having a good time playing with good people and friends.

Available Positions
• Melee DPS: Fury Warrior with gear/experience to OT(2-3)
• Healer: Priest (Dwarf pref 1-2)
• Range DPS: Mage (1-2)

Raid Days & Times
• Thursday – 6:30PM - 9:30PM (Server Time/PST)
• Saturday – 6:00PM - 10PM (Server Time/PST)
• Guild Members running GDKP’s Almost Every Day!

Raid Expectations
•80% Raid Attendance
•Class Consumes/Gear Enchants
•World Buffs (Dire Maul, Heart/ZG, Head/Ony) (Summons/Scheduled Buffs Available)

Loot System
• Loot Council | Wish List | Priority Loot - We have created a loot management tool which is designed to ensure loot is both being distributed fairly among all members of the guild while also offering transparency.
• Loot System Breakdown - Members have the control to create their own wish list of 10 items with 1 being most sought after and 10 being least. Our loot management tool prioritizes the wish list order as well as previously won items to determine exactly who is next in line for the item without any bias. Loot Councils main job is to be the checks and balance for this system along with considering other factors such as attendance, performance, personality and more when multiple members are equally deserving of the item.

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