[A] The Outreach Program

We are a small family orientated guild looking to grow and experience the game at a casual pace as life allows. We are moving back to Thursday and Friday nights for our raids. Thursday 7-9:30 pmish and Friday 7-9:30 pmish central time. We will also be having an alt/community night run on Saturday 7-9:30 pm. We are not hardcore. If we kill bosses, Great. If not, we keep trying. We are also looking for some more people interested in running mythic keys. We have a small group that runs and more people showing interest. Just looking for some more bodies to learn with.

We just want to enjoy the game as kids and family time allows. No raiding requirements. No experience required. All are welcome. Lets just try to have fun playing the game we all enjoy :slight_smile:

We are looking to add some more friends for the Ny’alotha raid. We are looking for one more healer and a few more ranged dps. Item level 425 for normal.


We are a fun guild. Like Zerrik said if we kill bosses then great but WOW is a game so we really enjoy just having a good time and since we have a good time we usually do alright killing bosses. We have a good group of people in our guild and community. As well as a good group of other guilds and communities we run with from time to time when the handful or more of us who want to push content feel so obliged. So come us and have some fun.