(A) The Nonners - "business casual" guild recruiting!

Heyo! Are you looking for a serious but casual guild that feels like home? Are you looking for a guild that understands what it’s like having responsibilities outside Azeroth?! If so, it sounds like The Nonners might be a great home for you!

The Nonners is a “business casual” guild that is focusing on normal/heroic raiding and pushing M+ keys. We don’t care what class you play or covenant you pick as long as we can fill a raid and have a bit of fun doing it! We simply want our members to enjoy adventuring in the land of Azeroth as they play games during their free time. We understand that life takes precedence and want to provide an enjoyable community and environment for you to login to during your free time!

We are actively recruiting for our current raid team. As of now we have a small core group of guild members and a growing network of guests to fill our raids, but we would like to grow our ranks and move our raiding to the next level with more fully-fledged guild members!

The Nonners Raiding Progress
Castle Nathria: 10/10N 1/10H

With a few more regular guild members we can get through Normal and onto our goal, heroic raiding!

Current Raid Schedule
Wednesday: 9PM – 12PM Central Time
Thursday: 9PM – 12PM Central Time

Current Needs
Healers and DPS!

If this sounds like The Nonners is the right fit for you please don’t hesitate to reach out! The officers below can help you get in and acquainted with how the Nonners does its business!

Renit/Resto - Teosik#1674 (GM)
Maske/Iclife - Iclife#1708
Zerodruid - Zerofame#1935
Vyrthias - Jaysnipesinc#1382

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in the Shadowlands!

UPDATED: 1/10/21 - Needs and progress

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