🔥 [A] <The Evolved> AotC T/W 830-1130 PST


[The Evolved] is adding the following specific player types to round out its core for casual progressive raiding and other activities. We recruit for the long term regardless of your skill or experience and hope that anyone who comes aboard will enjoy calling the guild their home.

We are currently looking for only the following class/roles for core spots on our 25-man progression raid team:

**PST/MST players of the following classes in the age range of 25+
-who experience minimal lag, latency and connection issues; **

Current needs:

Resto Druid w/offspec
Mistweaver Monk w/offspec
Paladin Holy w/offspec
Resto Shaman w/offspec

Death Knight (dps)
Demon Hunter (dps)
Druid (dps)
Monk (dps)
Paladin (dps)
Shaman (dps)
Warrior (dps)

Ideally our new recruits will have have an ilvl of 415+ and be up-to-date on the legendary neck questline or are on track for completing their questline shortly. Offspecs are also viably geared (or close to it) for raiding. Alts are welcome for alt runs and other activities of course!

The following additional information below will help to let you know if the guild will be the right fit for you:

[The Evolved] is formerly one of the largest, most active guilds on the US Lightbringer (PST) server. We are proud to be a long-established AotC raiding guild, active since Wrath with a strong, friendly and accommodating leadership core.

Members age 25+ with an encouraging, team-oriented attitude and willingness to learn are qualities that are more valuable to our guild family than your experience or gear. We are a diverse group of men and women with ages ranging roughly from mid 20s to later 40s with the core being age-mature (older).

The atmosphere is ultra-friendly and the guild is couples-friendly with several couples raiding together actively at present.

Our raiders have varied raid experience; ranging from new-to-raiding, to members who are retired from hardcore top-ten guilds. The raiding environment is positive and lighthearted. No rage, no yelling. We ask for people to arrive at a raid prepared and be open to receiving constructive advice from some of the more experienced raiders now and then.

We provide food, flasks, potions gems, enchants and repairs to our members. We use Discord for voice communication. The guild offers live streaming of our 25-man progression raids, posts video presentations of our boss kills and takes boss kill screen caps with the raid teams as memorabilia for our achievements.

If you feel our guild family will be a good fit for you and friends, contact any member in-game, who can also direct you to Firecracker.

Firecracker - Firecracker#1719

Other recruiting info is at WowProgress

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I’m currently on Turalyon, but can server transfer, and prolly will also bring my warlock with me. I’m a muted player, and prolly can’t raid for the next two three weeks :slight_smile: I can listen and follow leads tho. Wonder if you are interested.

I know of this guild…