[A] <The Deity> Come join our 15 years legacy! Casual weekend raiding!

The Deity

| NA-PVE | Alliance | Casual-Adult |

Trying to recreate your Cata experience but no time for grueling 25 man progress? Do you play seriously on a casual basis? Tired of searching for PUGs? Do you long for a place to call home with a warm, family-like atmosphere? Can you barely wait to see that wall of green guild text? Look no further!

Who We Are:
The Deity is a mature tight-knit group of friends from real life, retail WOW, classic WOW, and other online games. Many of us have been playing games together for 15+ years. We are serious about the game but casual in how we play. We are looking to provide an inclusive space for like-minded individuals. A typical Deity raid environment is laid back but laser-focused when it comes time to pull. We are understanding when it comes to real-life obligations since many of us are 10-15 years older than when we first started playing, and we have full-time jobs and families. We seek to have sufficient raiders that if someone misses a week here and there, it doesn’t throw the raiding schedule into chaos.

Raid Schedule:
Scheduled 10 man runs are Tuesday 6:30PM EST to 9:30PM EST and Sunday 5:45PM EST to 9:15PM EST with potential to add other nights as needed. (sign-ups posted weekly)
We throw together pop-up events for alt runs, the weekly raid quest, and other events on our guild discord server that our members can feel free to attend.

Loot System:
MS/OS with Don’tBeADick™ rules. PST for more specific info about loot. We use the RCLootCouncil Classic addon for its ease of managing rolls and recording loot.

Recruitment Needs:
We are currently recruiting all classes and levels for those looking for a social experience, but the following classes will be given preference if you are serious about raiding in a laid back atmosphere!

  • Prot pally or warrior
  • Resto druid or shammy
  • Hunter
  • Lock

Contact Ghostdrifter, Arth, or any of our officers or ambassadors with questions or interest. Thanks!


Interested, going into Cata?

myself and a few friends might be interested! going to look for someone to reach out to!

Apologies about the late reply Blauer and Jhemmah! We are definitely going into Cata, we’ll be focusing 10 man groups rather than 25s. I know it’s been a bit since you posted, but if you’re still looking reach out to Zolt, Arth, or Ghostdrifter for more info :slight_smile: