[A] <The Deity> Come join our 15 years legacy! Casual weekend raiding!

The Deity
| NA-PVE | Alliance | Casual-Adult |

Trying to recreate your Wrath experience but no time for grueling 25 man progress? Do you play seriously on a casual basis? Tired of searching for PUGs? Do you long for a place to call home with a warm, family-like atmosphere? Can you barely wait to see that wall of green guild text? Look no further!

Who We Are:
The Deity is a mature tight-knit group of friends from real life, retail WOW, classic WOW, and other online games. Many of us have been playing games together for 15+ years. We are serious about the game but casual in how we play. We are looking to provide an inclusive space for like-minded individuals. A typical Deity raid environment is laid back but laser-focused when it comes time to pull. We are understanding when it comes to real-life obligations since many of us are 10-15 years older than when we first started playing, and we have full-time jobs and families. We seek to have sufficient raiders that if someone misses a week here and there, it doesn’t throw the raiding schedule into chaos.

Raid Schedule:
Scheduled 10 man runs are Tuesday 6:30PM EST to 9:30PM EST and Saturday 5:30PM EST to 9:15PM EST. (sign-ups posted weekly)
Scheduled 25 man run is Sunday 5:40 PM EST to 9:15PM EST. (sign-ups posted weekly)
We throw together pop-up events for vault, the weekly raid quest, and other events on our guild discord server that our raiders can feel free to attend.

Loot System: MS/OS with Don’tBeADick™ rules. PST for more specific info about loot. We use the RCLootCouncil Classic addon for its ease of managing rolls and recording loot.

Recruitment Needs: We are currently recruiting all classes and levels for those looking for a social experience, but the following classes will be given preference if you are serious about raiding in a laid back atmosphere!

Ele Shaman

Contact Kyasha, Drezdizzle, or any of our officers with questions or interest. Thanks!

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interested! is this guild still active?