[A] <The Bloodlust> LF Progression Raiders (Heroic -> Mythic)

Looking for a progression raiding guild that understands real life happens? Come join the fun! The Bloodlust is adding a few Progression Raiders as we prepare for Mythic Nathria. We are currently 7/10 Heroic. We need a few more people as we transition into the 20-max/min cap of Mythic, because real life DOES happen, and not everyone can make it every night.

Progression raids are Fri/Sat from 10pm Eastern to midnight. We have alt/farm raids on Weds. at same time to help people gear up. We have a great group of guildees, who regularly run M+ and rated PVP on other nights.

Look for Felwit online, or ask a member to direct you to the nearest raid officer for more information.

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