[A] <The Bloodlust> is recruiting raiders! All specs, all classes


The Bloodlust is looking for more raiders. We have been raiding for a couple months now and would like to fill out our raid roster a bit more.

Current Target: BoD (N) (3/9). We just started last week.
Prior Targets: Uldir (N) 8/8.

Raid Times: Fri/Sat nights at 10PM-12PM Eastern

We need a DPS or two who can back-up tank when our main tanks cannot make it.
We can use any good DPS. We can especially use a Warlock or Shadowpriest.
We have enough heals for now, but may need some more (or folks who can switch between heals and DPS) as we grow.

We have about 15 raiders, including a few friends of the guild who come regularly. So we have some room to grow. If we get interest, we will expand with raid nights for alt toons or newer raiders.

We do “bench” people for progression targets, if they cannot pull their weight. We aren’t strict, but we expect DPS to outdamage the tanks.

For more information, look for Felwit.