[A] Team Hades of <Illicit> Tue/Thur 6-9PM PST 9/10H & 3/10M SoD

Team Hades of < ILLICIT > : 9/10 Heroic SoD and 3/10 Mythic (Casual Mythic Progression)

:timer: RAID TIMES: Tue/Thu from 6:00pm - 9:00pm PT

TEAM HADES of < Illicit > a HIGHLY active Alliance raiding guild is seeking casual mythic minded raiders to join us in Patch 9.1. Hades starts off in Heroic level content and then progresses into Mythic as far as they can. Hades achieved 8 /12M in Nyalotha and 3/10M in CN. Current Progression: 9/10 Heroic SoD and 3/10 Mythic - we are purposefully skipping Heroic Slyv at this time.

Hades Roster Needs:

Priority Role Spec Special Note
High Melee DK, Monk, or DH Off-Spec Tank
Very High Ranged DPS Any Highly would like a Warlock

Note: Melee spots will be competitive. Having a ranged alt is a bonus.

:small_blue_diamond: AOTC Castle Nathria preferred.
:small_blue_diamond:Must have some record of successful mythic raiding or CE experience.
:small_blue_diamond: Would prefer to have successful logs in the role you are applying for.
:small_blue_diamond:Able to meet benchmarks for a player of your class/spec.
:small_blue_diamond:Be thoroughly prepared for a new fights by:

  • Watching assigned videos on boss mechanics prior to raid time.
  • Researching your class/specs preferred talents and gear for each fight.
  • Coming to raid with the appropriate consumables.

:small_blue_diamond:All healers are required to have a mythic-capable DPS spec or alt.
:small_blue_diamond:Players will be expected to completely keep up with daily/covenant quests to ensure they are min/maxed for raid.

This is the second of our two raid teams. More relaxed but with progression still in mind. If you are interested please reach out to the following contacts:

Raid Leader: Addina - YassyFresh#1204
Heal Lead: Quick - QuickESQ#1651

Additionally: If you are interested in the CE Push Team please see their forum post here

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C’mon and join us!

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Always excited for new raiders!!

Come one come all!

join illicit today for fun and friends

Looking for some good DPS to join in the fun!

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Apply for a spot today!

We still have dps spots (preferably range) available in Team Hades for 9.1 prog. Come join the fun!

Check out Team Hades for AOTC and Mythic raiding!

Still looking for a few more!

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Hades is a super cool team with which to run!