[A] Tank or Healer?

Hey so I’m relatively new to this server. Got an 18 paladin and have gotten bored with him and annoyed that he is basically incapable of anything but dps while leveling. I want to be able to form groups for dungeons easily, but I’ve never gotten into tanking or healing in classic. So which one do you guys prefer? Which one is in high demand on the server? Which one is easier to pick up and learn? (Choosing between warrior and priest)

What do you mean? Paladins can tank and heal dungeons super well while leveling.


I leveled basically 25-60 exclusively through tanking and healing dungeons with a hybrid paladin spec.

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I will say, paladin healing would be most frustrating before 20. While I’m sure it’s possible to heal a decent deadmines group, I wouldn’t recommend it. I pretty much just grind levels until 20 when I get flash of light and that’s the spell I use at almost all times.

If you are unfamiliar with dungeons, make a healer. If you are familiar with dungeons make a tank. Tanks are almost always the highest role in demand. At the end of the day you can kinda just do what you want at lower levels as long as you’re not under leveled for the content.