[A] Tainted Morals new guild forming for TBC

We are a newly formed guild of veteran players looking to kill bosses in TBC. We are currently recruiting until the raid roster is completed. We will be seeking like minded players who come enchanted, gemmed and with consumes. We are not a hardcore group but will be downing bosses in a timely manner.

Raid Times:
Tues/Wed 7p-10p ST

We are looking for all classes as we look to expand our roster, with an emphasis on the following classes:

Druid - 1 Resto
Rogue - closed
Hunter - closed
Priest - 1 Spriest
Paladin - 1 H pal
Mage - closed
Shaman - 1 Resto, 1 Ele
Warrior - Open (prot or dps)
Warlock - closed

Loot System:
Soft Reserve

If you are interested please reach out to myself in game or any other officer.

Updated recruitment