[A] Tèam Rocket LF weekend morning raiders for 9.2!

Tèam Rocket was founded at the beginning of Legion with one goal, do as much content as we can without making this game feel like a secondary job. And to that we have succeeded beautifully. We have managed to finish out Mythic Ny’alotha at 6/12M without compromising our mission statement or having to increase our raid hours! We are very excited to continue this momentum into Shadowlands!

We are currently 11/11N, 11/11H and 1/11M.

Our requirements for raid are simple: Come to raid with a positive attitude, ready to laugh at some memes and have fun while we kill and be killed. Potions, food, knowledge of fights as well as keeping up with the minimum grind outside of raid are also required. But I can’t stress this enough, a positive attitude will always get you further in raids and that is what we are looking for!

Raid times are Saturday/Sunday 9:30am to Noon(est).

Current needs in Shadowlands is dps of any kind. High needs on the following:

  • Demon Hunter
  • Mage
  • Warlock

All are welcome to apply as we would always rather have a player that fits with us rather than a specific class.

If anyone of above sounds like what you are looking for please contact any of the following:

(GM) Burntlettuce#1968
(Officer) Maxwest#1865
(Officer) YAYTIFFY#1381

Woo Saturday night bump!!!

Hey I took a break during the majority of SoD, but still got AOTC and am looking to push early in 9.2. I’ve been raiding since WOTLK and your times are perfect. I would love to chat Xuluu#1449

Hey!! Welcome back!! Please feel free to reach out to one of us:

(GM) Burntlettuce#1968
(Officer) Maxwest#1865
(Officer) YAYTIFFY#1381

Bump, still looking for some new friends (Mage Perf) but we like all sorts of DPS

Still looking for a few more for 9.2 patch drop, hit us up

Looking for melee? Currently on Dalaran, but looking to transfer if I can find a guild running weekend mornings.

For sure, if you haven’t already hit one of us up on BNet:

(GM) Burntlettuce#1968
(Officer) Maxwest#1865
(Officer) YAYTIFFY#1381

Also one more thing:

Tomorrow!! You’re only less than 1 day away!! Still looking for a few more with a preference on mage, but any DPS will work !!

Bump for patch day excitement!!!

Still searching for those elusive mages =)

Looking for a mage and enhancement shammy, if interested, hit us up!!

Still looking for mage–Raid day this Saturday!

Very successful first raid day. Still looking for more to join us for fun =)

Still looking for a few more R DPS, mage priority, thanks for stopping by

BM hunter here coming back from season 1 looking for some raiding and these times are great for my work schedule. Would love to come check yall out!

Still searching for more to join our fun!

Been awhile since our last bump. Raid has been going great but could still use more friends (and maybe another lock)!

are u guys still looking if so what are u guys looking for?

Good evening! Yes we are still looking, really just dps spots at the moment. Would prefer a warlock but will take all =)

Also bump for Heroic Aundin dying today!

Still searching for a few more range dps to join us =)