[A] Symphonia <4/8M> Recruiting

About Symphonia:

We’re a small guild with a close nit community looking for a few more active players to join our ranks. We are very active and almost like a family in here. We welcome all players and love to have new social people in our raids to chat with. The players we currently have are highly skilled raiders wanting to progress but in a social environment. We take great pride in the fact that we balance social and progression so well. Although our main goal is progression, we have fun in our raids. We do not compare our progression to anyone else but rather push forward as far as the group can go. We currently want to get a solid 20 before next teir so we can go in strong.

Raid times

  • Casual night - Tuesday 7:30-10:00 Server
  • Progression Raids - Wednesday Thursday 7:30-10:00 Server
  • We also have M+ push 8:00-10:00 Server

What roles are we looking for:
Currently, we need 1 dps to complete a solid 20 raiders. However, we need some solid willing backups as well for our raid.
We are also looking for more social active players for casual runs and keys stones to help expand our community.
We are currently also looking for M+ tanks and are willing to try out a tank for the core progression team as well.

What we are looking for:

Maturity: - since this is a progression guild, we do not carry. We help one another out but, if a single person is holding back the raid, we ask that they are mature and step out. We also have a zero drama, toxic, and yelling policy.

Knowledge (or want to learn) - We expect that you know how to play if you join a progression guild. However, if you are new to raiding or lack experience, we will help you get to where you want to be so long as you put in the effort. Everyone in here currently has a drive to improve and we compete with one another.

Friendly - We currently have a great environment. (what guild doesn’t right?) We want to keep the environment we currently have but have it grow.

Want to know more?
Come chat with us on discord or join us for a M+ or a casual raid. We would love for people to come get a feel for the group to see how it is in here.

You can contact me via:
Btag: Yosh#1661
Discord: Yume#1173

We still have spots open for Mythic. We need dps and willing to try out tanks currently.

Hey guys, Welcome to the next patch! We’re excited to get started raiding again. We are currently looking for dps.

We welcome any and all to come check us out and pug in with us to see if you like the group and you are interested in our same goals.

Our current plans: We currently plan to go into Operation Mech Dungen on Tuesday the 9th and also making sure everyone that is interested in raiding gets their 10s in. Wednesday and Thursday we plan to jump right into heroic.

Not geared? Not ready? Not a problem. If you got the skill, and put in the time, and you show up, we got you fam! You’ll get geared up fast in here. We are active enough that we will be able to help you get the gear you need quickly to be able to raid with us on the higher level. It is friendly and people are willing to run things. All you got to do is post in discord and usually you can get a run going sometime that night.

Thanks for reading

I sent you a friends request, mostly looking for back up duty and opportunitys for regular and heroic.

We are currently looking for another healer and some range dps (non-hunters). Pst if you are interested :slight_smile:

We are currently 4/8 Mythic and currently progressing on Orgozoa.

We could use a couple more in backup roles and if you prove yourself you may even get a core spot.

If you prefer just doing heroic raid and m+ that is fine too, we run m+ every night, and the game is just more fun with more people.

If Yumemaria is not online you can try adding me:
Btag: Woot#1343

We’re in need of a warlock for the new patch.