[A] <STUPID> [5/8M] [8/8H] Recruiting Ranged DPS and Enh Shamans

STUPID was originally formed on Mal’Ganis by friends who wanted to make some progress in mid-Tomb of Sargeras. Several mythic tiers later, we took a break for the latter half of Shadowlands, and are now returning for Dragonflight! We run frequent alt runs and M+ dungeons to help gear our members. We’re a close group of friends that wants to bring others into the fold, so apply today and prepare for a lot of, well, stupidity! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Vault of the Incarnates: 5/8M, 8/8H

Sepulcher of the First Ones: Inactive for this tier.
Sanctum of Domination: 1/10M, 8/10H
Castle Nathria: 8/10M, 10/10H

Ny’alotha: 12/12H Raid Leader, 12/12M Officers
Eternal Palace: 4/8M Officers
Crucible: 2/2H Day 1 Raid Leader
Dazar’alor: 7/9M Raid Leader, 9/9M Officers
Uldir: 6/8H

Antorus: 1/11M, 11/11H
Tomb: 3/9M, 9/9H


We are currently recruiting Mages, Elemental Shamans, Unholy Death Knights, and Balance Druids.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 9 PM to 12 AM (Midnight) Server Time (EST) — 6 PM to 9 PM Pacific, 8 PM to 11 PM Central as optional sign up runs till we build a core team.


Must be willing to use Discord.

Discord is an essential part of our raiding experience. It’s used to organize our raids, coordinate our boss fights, and simply interact!

Microphones are preferred, but optional.

While not mandatory, microphones help a ton. If you do not have one it’s recommended that you purchase one, especially if you wish to perform essential roles within the raid.


Like most other guilds, we expect attendance from all of our members. We understand if you’ll be late or unable to make it, and if that’s the case a PM to any Officer before the raid will suffice.

Willingness to Improve

Not everyone is a pro, but some of us want to get as close as we can. Everyone in our raid has things they can improve upon, and we frequently work with our players to improve their gameplay.

How To Join:

To inquire about or join the guild, contact Kohma, our Recruitment Officer, OR fill out our short application here: https://tinyurl.com/stupidapplication

Kohma - Recruitment Officer
Battletag: Goobydude#1137
Discord: Hol3s#1422

haha stupid

Commenting so I remember to hit ya up in the morning

Our Raid Times have been locked in as 9 PM to 12 AM (Midnight) Server Time (EST) — 6 PM to 9 PM Pacific - 8 PM to 11 PM Central.

If these times work for you, feel free to reach out at any time! Discord is preferred, but Battle.net works as well.

Hey, feel free to reach out whenever you’d like, always happy to chat about the guild and answer any questions you may have!

Don’t forget we are recruiting ALL CLASSES and ALL ROLES for Shadowlands. Not just for our raid team, too! If you’re interested in being apart of a solid Mythic+ team, or looking for friends to get your elite set or push 2k on, almost all of us play every aspect of the game and would love to have you join our guild!

Myself and several officers go for Keystone Master at least each season, I go for elite sets at minimum each season, and another officer is currently 2200, pushing for Gladiator by the pre-patch. Not huge, but definitely a starting point.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

If anyone is interested please add me on Discord (Zach#8727) and I’m happy to help!

Still recruiting!

We are no longer recruiting tanks or healers for week one trials. If you play either and are still interested, feel free to reach out, you’ll just have to wait a bit before we can do your trial.

Still very much need DPS though!

Pewpew dps go go

We are no longer recruiting melee DPS and are only looking for ranged.

added you on discord crixes769#3010

Now recruiting all roles again for week two or three trials. Reach out if interested!

Right now we are recruiting Affliction Warlocks, Arcane Mages, Havoc Demon Hunters, Mistweaver Monks, and Restoration Druids. If you play another class or role, but are still interested, feel free to reach out anyways! We can always use great players.

We are still recruiting for our Castle Nathria runs. We are currently looking for ALL Healing specializations, Affliction Warlocks, Havoc Demon Hunters, Windwalker Monks, Balance Druids, and Retribution Paladins.

If you play another class, still feel free to reach out. We are always looking for good players.

Our first family & friends run has concluded with us ending at 6/10N. We continue tomorrow!

Normal Sire Denathrius has fallen!

Our first raid week has ended with us at 3/10 Heroic (Shriekwing, Huntsman Altimor, and Hungering Destroyer all down!)

hello, mm/bm hunter interested.

i have some logs from last week i can provide.

i added corte/zach to bnet, looking forward to talking with ya.

Heroic Sun King’s Salvation and Heroic Artificer Xy’mox have fallen!