[A] <Stormwrath> LFM Tues/Wed Raids

Last Updated: 11/15/22

Raid Info: Tues/Wed 7pm-11pm Server time (8PM-12AM EST)

Stormwrath is a semi hardcore group that likes to have fun while still focusing on raid progression bosses. We also have a couple of mythic groups that run throughout the week!

We currently have 20 signed up for DF raiding but we’re in a great need for Plate and Cloth wearers, looking for 1-2 DKs (DPS with OS tank), 1-2 Priest (Shadow). We would also be interesting in 1 Monk (Windwalker).

If you are more interested in a social or casual play through of Shadowlands we would still be interested in having you and any of your friends joining us!

If you are interested please contact Glendra (GM, alts are Feline and Nightblood), Forestspirit (BNet: Forestspirit#11239 or Discord: Forestspirit13#1196), Diabolicarl, or Mohini.

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Could use a dps with a decent off tank spec as well

This is a guild recruitment post for Stormwrath, not for other guilds. Please consider creating your own? o_O

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Still looking!

Mage and Warlocks needed

New update this week! Mythic Maut kill and slight adjustment to what we are needing.

Still looking for more to do some raiding before Shadowlands.

Come join us if you are looking for a guild for the new expansion

We are looking for new guild members. Casual, Mythic+, Raiding, or PvP. I am sure you can find a place to hang out and have fun with us.

Come play Shadowlands with us!

Just a quick testimonial on Stormwrath. I joined the guild in April for the 8.3 raid tier. This guild was welcoming from day one. I felt at home with personal explanations of encounters and patience. The raids have a light atmosphere filled with the occasional monk roll off a ledge, but bosses still drop and we pushed into mythic raids. We are building off of this success now and expanding the raid team.

Besides the raids, there’s always some groups going on with a 25+ member daily roster. Whether it’s Maw dailies, open world PVP shenanigans, battlegrounds, or mythic 0 (soon to be +) groups. People are always looking for something to do and people to play with.

The guild is supportive of real life events/family/work. This guild has been drama-free since I’ve been here. It’s a fun place to be! Come join us!

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Joined the guild at the beginning of Shadowlands they have been nothing but welcome and helpful. If you are looking for a new home look no further than Stormwrath.

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Updated 1/24/2012.

joined the guild back in 2019 and they have been super nice from day one even when i make horrible mistakes :^) 10/10 would recommend if you’re looking for a guild thats constantly pushing keys and raids, or if you prefer pvp, can go get annihilated by rogues with the pvp groups : )

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