[A] STORMRAGE < Talk to the Parse > LF DPS & a Healer

[Guild: Talk to the Parse ] is recruiting to expand our Guild / Community. **

We’re a New Guild to STORMRAGE as of 3/17/2023. We’re Comprised of players from Mainly: Area 52, Thrall, Mal’Ganis, & a few others. We’re AOTC Focused with Mythic Progression Causal Minded Players.

Players are expected to be open to Giving & Receiving Constructive Criticism . We look for players that know their classes, specs as well as raid mechanics. Trial periods lengths are case by case but will not come in as bench warmers as we want to see how you can perform in progression. We Will Teach “IF” you’re willing to learn.

We understand that things can come up and schedules can change. Notice of absence is required using the guild’s discord. Let the GM - Raid Lead - Officer know. We are flexible with you, Real Life Comes First !!! We also hold Game Nights to break up the numbness of raiding.

Raids : AoTC Focused with Mythic Progression to follow.
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 - 12:00 pm Eastern with a 15 minute break around 10:20 pm.
Mythic + : Ran Daily / Nightly = +2 to +20 and up.

Recruitment Needs:

Druid ( Balance / Feral )
Warlock ( Any )
Shaman ( Elemental / Enhancement ) Wind Fury Totem Highly Needed
Priest ( Shadow / Holy )
Death Knight (Unholy / Frost)
Monk ( WW / MW - Offspec )
Rogue ( Outlaw / Sub ) in that order needed
Warrior (Fury / Arms )
DemonHunter ( Havoc )
Paladin ( Ret / Holy )
Evoker (Preservation / Devastation OS )
If your class isn’t posted, reach out and go from there.

Look forward to hearing from you! Contact info: GM - Discord: SakuraDarling#6493. Officer - Discord: Croupe#5492

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Awesome group to be a part of. Always around 6 or more people on during the day and more during the night in the discord. Between running keys and other numerous activities, we are all willing to help with what is needed

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Come join the fun! trying to build the team and community !

We love to hang in discord alot, even when were not in the game. We are really a super chill and safe place to hang in! <3

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Bumping to top for the late night folks come join the fun would love to met more like minded folks!

Still actively recruiting to the guild. Please reach out would love talk to you about our community.

Definitely a cool group of people. We all enjoy pushing content, but even more important is having a good time!

Friendly Group of players, fun place to hangout and chat about wow and life.

Come on hear the noise.

Sent over a discord friend request :slight_smile: Crixus#3101 is mine

Bumpioty dumpity

Still searching for more members we are Aotc as a guild and now pushing into mythic quickly reach out for fun and excitement

to the top we go