[A] Stormrage - <Straight Outta Varrock> AotC+ and M+ Tues/Thurs

Straight Outta Varrock is recruiting for our raid team Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-12pm est.
We are an AotC guild that has been around since Legion and are looking for skilled players to round out our roster as we begin our Mythic progression in Dragonflight. All classes/specs are welcome to apply. We try and foster a fun, laid back environment for raiding but clearing content is always the priority and as such we take that seriously. We also do have guild mythic plus runs and are more than happy to assist guild members in getting their KSM or weekly runs completed. Message reggie#1897 on BNET or wafflepot#3264 on Discord for more information or to apply.

We have an active discord community and are often playing other games together in our off wow time, so feel free to stop by and say hello!

Bump for awesome guild and crew

bump, still looking for some dps

We’re still looking for more people to fill out our rosters for raid. Below are the priority spots.

Range DPS: Mage, the rest
Melee DPS: Close to full

Tanks: Any DPS that would like to have a Tank OS for mechanics and callouts
Healers: Full on Druid, Need Paladins/Priests

Still searching for a couple people?

Yea we are, you can either message reggie#1897 or me at k1ngw0rth#3729

Bumpin the post before Raid tomorrow