[A] Stormrage <Reformed> 7/10M CE-focused T/W/Th 10p-1a EST

< Reformed > on Stormrage-Alliance is looking for exceptional raiders to join us for our Cutting Edge progression, now in Castle Nathria and throughout the Shadowlands expansion!

Our Current Progression: 7/10 M CN
Previous Progression: 12/12M Nya’lotha (CE)
Raid days: Tue/Wed/Thurs – 10PM-1 AM Server time / EST (7-10PM PST, 8-11PM MST, 9-12PM CST).

Currently Recruiting (Preferences):
[High Priority] Boomkin, Rogue, Retribution Paladin, Unholy Death Knight, DPS Shaman
[Medium Priority] Warlock (Affliction preferred), Fire Mage
[Medium Priority] Discipline Priest
HOWEVER, we will ALWAYS look at exceptional applicants of any class or spec! If you think you would make an excellent addition to our team, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, regardless of your experience, class, or role.

Our raiding requirements:

  • Commitment to raid attendance for all nights (3 hours/night, 9 hours/week) – this is paramount.
  • Comprehensive understanding of your class and role, with continued effort to improve.
  • A good attitude and respectful conduct to all members (this is reciprocal)
  • Drive to earn Cutting Edge on a 3-day schedule!

What we’re about:

  • A mature atmosphere and utmost respect for all members
  • A collaborative, friendly, and focused raid team (times for focus, and times for fun!)
  • Experienced, knowledgeable leadership
  • Dedicated M+ players (members and raiders)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us! We are available via Battle.net and Discord:
Battle Tag: Thraxxus#1756, SefiePoou#1164, Urgfelstorm#1332
Discord: Thraxxus#6482, Sefarina#6699, Urgfelstorm#9880

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