[A] Stormrage <MakeAWish> Raiding Tue/Wed 8:30 -11:30pm EST

Freshly created, large strong core. We’ve all played together for a long time, and have pushed AOTC with ease each tier. Either as our own guild or if real life popped up -partnering with others. We’ve been as far together as 10/11 M N’yalotha, and been several bosses into mythic each tier in SL. We all like to push keys and moreso stay on the PvE side of the game at this point of our WoW careers.

We’d like to start our Dragonflight recruitment. We believe in a midcore mindset to this expansion coming. We’re going to push AotC without much issue and would like to push as far into mythic each tier. We will be raiding Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST.

Our needs:

High -
Mage - Any Spec
Holy/Disc Priest
Restoration Shaman
Mistweaver Monk

Ranged DPS -
Shadow Priest

And of course any quality raiders.

We are an adult guild, we do rib each other, we do use choice language (mouths of sailors), and the sort. We’d appreciate if you understood that coming in.

If you’d like to know more send me a BTAG request at Plumpspoon#1836, Outcast#1921, jobizness#1440 or Ŧoxic#1753 or on Discord at Plumpspoon#2136, Kappa#9311, bringitback#0118 or Tyrelil#1760.

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