[A][STORMRAGE][LFG] Holy Priest 413ilvl 4/M

Hi Team,
Looking for a mythic raiding guild for my priest. I am not available Thurs/Sunday but any other day is free. Bnet is HolyScat#1714.

I have downed conclave on another character and have king pull experience.

Logs are available.

Hi Holyscat!

Can you raid mornings/afternoon? I’m with Velocity. We are 5/9M, Alliance on Sargeras and looking for a Holy Priest! Immediate spot open for our healing core. For more info about us, check out our recruitment post!

Raid Times: 10am-1pm CST | Tues/Wed/Thurs
To Apply:  goo.gl/forms/YbKQRIcEyXt0XAaC2

I sent you a BNET request, as well.
Feel free to add me so we can chat! =)

Thank you,
Starby (Peach#1423)
Fox - GM (Fox#1713)