[A] [Stormrage] <Hope Remains> Weekend AOTC Guild Recruiting

Who We Are:

Hope Remains is a weekend AOTC raiding guild. We enjoy raiding in a low-stress environment while achieving our AOTC goals. Raid progress is our goal while keeping things fun. We focus on progressing through heroic raids and running M+ on non-raid days. We have some pvpers also if that’s your bag.

Currently recruiting mainly for DPS for our raid group.

Our raid schedule is Saturday and Sunday from 8pm to 11pm EST.

We’re also always open to players that are just looking for an easy-going guild to call home.

What we offer as a guild
~Friendly helpful players
~Guildies willing to help you learn and improve in both dungeons and raids
~Mythic + runs
~Achievement and transmog runs
~ Active Discord server where many of our members are available even when not logged in. You’ll find help when needed, memes and banter.

If this is something that fits what you’re looking for, just reply here or reach out to one of us: Sodium#11409 or Soulswag#11343