[A] [Stormrage] <Dragon Rise> 7/8H LF DPS for Heroic Rasz and to begin Mythic

Dragon Rise is currently looking for exceptional DPS to round out our roster to 20 man. We are currently focused on obtaining AOTC and pushing into early Mythic bosses.

About us
The majority of our group is composed of a group of friends that started playing together in late Shadowlands. We are a mature semi-core group interested in raiding and mythic +. Many of us are active and play daily from pushing keys, gearing alts, raiding, and other things WoW has to offer.

Our Current Standing
We are currently able to easily clear 7/8H weekly and work on Heroic Raszageth progression. We are currently looking to build to 20 man for starting early Mythic bosses and finishing out Heroic.

Our Expectations
We expect raiders to show up on time and ready to progress on raid nights with needed consumables. In the event you are unable to attend, We ask you notify others via our discord #absence channel.

We expect raiders to stay up to research current progression strategies and their class to play at their best ability.

We expect raiders to stay up to date with gear through alternative gearing methods outside of raid.

Our raid times

Wednesday: 9:00 pm to 12 am EST
Thursday: 9:00 pm to 12 am EST

Our current needs

We are looking to recruit 5 exceptional DPS of appropriate item level. (400 minimum)
The following specs will be considered:

High Priority

Mage - Fire
Mage - Arcane
Mage - Frost
Rogue - Outlaw
Rogue - Assassination
Rogue - Subtlety
Demon Hunter - Havoc
Evoker - Devastation
Death Knight - Unholy
Death Knight - Frost

Medium Priority

Druid - Feral
Druid - Balance
Monk - Windwalker
Paladin - Retribution
Priest - Shadow
Warrior - Arms
Warrior - Fury

Low Priority

Warlock - Destruction
Warlock - Demonology
Warlock - Affliction
Shaman - Enhancement
Shaman - Elemental

Feel free to contact me with any questions on Discord @ Tlal#2150