[A] <Stormlight> recruiting select DPS- Tues/Th 8-11pm

Stormlight is a guild made up of mostly parents and professional adults that strive to enjoy this game in our downtime but still progress and see all content at a reasonable pace. We raid 25 mans on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11pm PST. We also run a couple of optional 10 man groups normally on Friday or Saturday focusing either on achievements or gearing alts and new 70’s. We use Suicide Kings as our current loot system which works to keep the loot distributed evenly and without much drama.

We are hoping to top up our roster by finding a few select DPS. We would like to find an unholy DK, affliction warlock and rogue. We would prefer that you be 80 and close to at least pre-raid bis as we would like you to be able to jump right in. Experience in Wrath raids is not required but a willingness to learn, research and take constructive advice is encouraged.

If you have any questions feel free to DM me on discord Spankmeplzz#5638

We are open to speaking with any DPS specs. Specifically rogue, warlock, shadow priest and DK.

Recruiting a few more for P2. Looking for an affliction lock, unholy DK, hunter, Ele Shaman, but are open to speaking with other DPS classes as well.

Still on the hunt for the elusive unholy DK to join us :slight_smile:

Hi I have a geared Death knight that could fill that spot. The raid times work for me as well. Would be nice to raid with people my own age with same goals. Have been playing Blood tank and frost but have be building a unholy set that would be on par with Ulduar.
If you want to talk to me in discord you can mail Wiszard in game with your info. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Take care.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice your reply here! If you are still looking and want to chat feel free to add me as a battlenet friend and we can chat :slight_smile: Tantric#1672