[A] <Stormbringerz> Raids, M+, and PvP; Recruiting Now

Hiya! Stormbringerz is recruiting! We’re a social guild that pushes for AOTC and KSM each season!

We’re a long standing guild with veteran and new players alike! Our raid team has been raiding together for many expansion and are always welcoming new members to begin raiding with us. We also have multiple teams that push keys and work towards KSM. We’re even in the process of forming a new RBG team for those interested in PVP.

We raid every Friday and Saturday starting at 8:30 pm realm time and going until 10:30 pm. While we’re open to all players, we do have a lot of healers and tanks already so those roles might be filled!

We don’t have specified nights for keys but most nights you can find many of us chilling in our discord and running keys or doing other content in game!

We’re just now building out a RBG team. We have a few members who would always push higher rating in PvP and we’re deciding that Dragonflight is the time to truly put together a formal team!

Feel free to reach out to me via discord (Ran#0942) or in-game (RanLive#1380) for more info or to join us!

We also have a community called Stormbringerz Friends for anyone who’s interested in raiding with us and might not be on server or on the alliance.

We’re still recruiting for our 10.1 team!

We’ve also put together fun run teams to run non-progression content such as: Mount Runs, Guild Casino Nights, For The Glory achievement runs, and Guild Raffles!