[A] Still Alive 11/11N, 6/11H SFO Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Still Alive

Server: Ysera/Durotan

Guild Type: Raiding /Mythic+ Dungeon Runs/World Events/Achievement Runs

Raid Time/Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8pm - 10pm Server Time (EST)

Progression : We are currently 6/11H and 11/11N

Recruitment Contacts: (Discord) Shazrra#5394, (in game) Shazrra-Ysera , (Discord) Leetah#3459, (in game) Leetah-Durotan

Requirements: Discord (just to listen at least), Ability to take and implement constructive criticism, show up for raids prepared, and also have fun. We pride ourselves on our guild culture of acceptance, and inclusion. We do not mind teaching new raiders the fights, and gearing them up. We ask that you come with a positive attitude, ready to learn, and have fun.

Needs: Death Knights, and other skilled players

If you are not interested in raiding, but you would like to be apart of an online family orientated, active guild, we will be glad to take you as well. We do have members who do not enjoy raiding but do PvP, and other events as well. We also have members who just run mythic+ only. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more.

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