[A] Spriest/lock looking for Saturday/Sunday raiding guild

  • Names: spriest/main = Javocast, lock = Canestraro
  • Type: Casual
  • Highest BFA exp: Uldir = 8/8N, 8/8H, 0/8M; M+6 on lock, M+5 on spriest. If applicable, legacy raids exp can be checked under my oldest toon, Rolofson.
  • iLvl: 365-370.
  • Times available: US Pacific-based; 1am-4am Mon-Fri, any reasonable time Sat & Sun.

I’ve been guildless since Wrath and have been pugging normals and some heroics since then. I’d like to progress through raids and M+ with a reliable/competent group of people. I can heal if needed but, I’m not that great as a healer, nor is it my preferred role.

I can be reached in game through the above toons/times, or here if you prefer to just post your guild info.

Thank you for your consideration.

(Jaedanna) #2

[A] <Knights of AFK> - 6/8H Proudmoore

Looking to fill our growing raid team.

Our goal is to build a semi-hardcore raiding Guild that is fun and social. We are socially active on Discord and always up for helping people do their keys, weekly quests, WQs, or PvP.

Raid times: Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am PST

If you think we would be a good fit for you and are interested in joining please feel free to add Deadlykitten#133756

(Vondra) #3

Hey Canestraro,

If you are looking for a weekend raiding guild, may be for you. We are 7/8 H and our raid nights are Friday/Saturday 7-10pm PST. We are an adult guild (21+), but most of us are in our 30’s/40’s. We look forward to achieving AotC each tier and having fun in some Mythic+ during the week. Here is a link to our guild information.

For more information hit up Sp3cK#1228, Deftig#1343, and Vondra1315#1681 on Proudmoore


Bump. Still guildless :cry:

Edited original post for clarity.


Remain of the Ruiner looking for guild members for a raid team whisper ninjapulls or thebluedeath (gm)