[A] <Smilers>

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Brewmasters rise up!! we need you!!

Recruitment needs have been updated!

Bump! Looking for people for M+ (tanks specifically!)

Bump!! Denathrius dead. :smiley: Starting pure Mythic progression now!

Slay the house down boots, mama.

Huntsman down with great progress on Destroyer, 2/10m now!

Donatella Versace house down boots, Xavinasty!

Let’s pump it up… be dum dum de dum de dum dum dum de dum why not do it?!

Is that my future up there? Bright as hell henny, bright as hell!

3/10!!! Hungering went down super quick tonight!

Working on Inerva tonight!

Hey guys,

I am a 203 ilvl 7/10H boomy currently LFG as my old guild has decided to take things more casually and I am looking to be semi serious with raiding and would like to push mythic and higher m+ keys with a solid group of friendly players.

Im looking for a guild that is active with m+ and willing to add new guildies to their groups.

Message me if you would like to get more info or would be interested in recruiting me. Work has had me tied up for the past month and I fell behind due to that although now it wont be an issue.

Discord: Le Borat#4648
BNet: LeBorat#1320

has anyone else here listened to the hit song Why Not? by LOON???

no but i have heard space trip steps …for meteor herd!

inerva down to 37%!!

Yes… the rumors are true!

My name is Hunty… I get real unty… If I come for you? It will not be funty!!

the ultimate paper mario battle medley is so good… y’all need to listen :roll_eyes:

or any sonic game… their music goes in!!!