[A] Skyfury <Penumbra> 10PM-12AM ST Mon/Tue/Wed

Penumbra was founded on the principle of being a chill group that fosters learning and experiencing new content, while still making progress. All raid spots and loot decisions are based on performance and attendance. Everyone wants to be the badass with Shadowmourne in Dalaran. We can all achieve these lofty goals we have for ourselves as long as we respect each other, our time together, and take raid times seriously in order to efficiently clear content.

We currently clear 17/17 25-man, as well as 10man EoE/OS within two 2-hour raid nights each week.

Raid times are 10PM-12AM Server Time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The loot system is a loot council with random raid member for fairness and transparency.

We are always recruiting high-level, competent players for our team, so feel free to apply for any class/spec!

Here are our current specific recruitment needs:
Ele shaman(s)
Frost/Unholy DKs

Hit me up on Discord or ingame to apply:
Ingame: Chucksville

Bump for recruitment

Still recruiting for all RDPS and DPS DKs!

Bumping for recruitment

Still seeking almost any DPS spec!

Bumping for recruitment

Bumping for recruitment