[A] <Skill Based> is recruiting!


Skill Based is currently recruiting for our second Kara group and 25 man raid.

Raid Times:
Sunday 7pm - 10pm & Monday 7pm - 10pm QLD TIME (GMT +10)

What we are currently looking for:

Feral Tank x1
Hunter x 1
Mage x 1
Warlock x 1
Shadow Priest x 1
Holy Paladin x 1

That being said we will continue to expand so if you think that you fit what we are all about below, then we would be keen to hear from you.

About us:
The core group consists of largely RL mates who have raided together dating back to original classic. We have an experienced and mature leadership group who will be ready to push into 25 man content. While we are a casual guild, we will always aim to get the most out of each raid session and have fun doing it!

If you think you will fit into our group or have any further questions about us feel free to contact me at Beckon#1215

Quick update here - The first Kara group is well and truly up and running and we are now growing into the second group and 25 mans. Don’t miss out on being involved in a great community as we continue to grow!

If you are any of the listed classes, or believe you could fit in well with us, make sure to add me for a chat at Beckon#1215