We are officially starting up a weekend raid team lead by yours truly. So, if you have been running around looking for weekend raids in a world full of weekdays there is a new option! It is expected to begin in 2 weeks as we fill in a few more roster spots. If you are interested or would like to inquire about applying for this team, please contact Kyussjr (Kyussjr#3708) or any of the officers listed below.

Sigil is a semi-hardcore guild focused on end game progression while providing a laid back and friendly environment. We were the 4th Guild on the server to kill Nightbane and 4th Alliance Guild to complete Gruul’s Lair and killed Magtheridon on 6/21.

We expect all members to always conduct themselves in a respectable manner in and outside of the guild. You are expected to have a basic understanding of the raids you are attending and have a fundamental understanding of your class and its mechanics.

Loot System
10 man is MS > OS round robin
25 man is Loot Council

Raid Times:
Sat 530pm-8/9pm ST
Sun 3pm-5/6pm ST

Recruitment Needs:
Shaman (all specs)

Karazhan will have signups posted throughout the week and weekend. Signups will be adjusted to accommodate as many raiders and casual players as possible.

If you think you might be a good fit, please fill out an application and one of our officers will reach out to you. Exceptional players of all classes are encouraged to apply!

Reach out!

  • In game - - Discord -
    Alandris Alandris#3709
    Cârâ (0226) Dilatory#1072
    Goldenpony GoldenPony#8819
    Kyussjr Kyussjr#3708 Battlenet: kyussjr#1519