[A] <SHENANIGANZ> LF Mythic Ready Raiders

SHENANIGANZ - Recruiting for Mythic BFA progression.

Raid Times: Saturday/Sunday 8pm-11pm EST

We are a casual progression raid group that likes to relax and have fun while keeping a positive vibe downing content.

Recruiting: Tank/Heal and DPS 35k+ minimum

Mostly age 30+ guild, must be 18+

*We have members always pushing Mythic +'s for loot chances each week.
*Every Wed is a Heroic Alt run night followed by any achievement runs people need.

Recruiting all other potential raiders to help learn, gear and standby for spots in raids.

We are in need of mature, experienced, competent raiders! We are an 18+ guild! Always accepting Social/Casual raiders as well! Join our open thought, mature but playful, 18 and older only guild. For more info please add to Btag.

Allonsy - Murdertramp#1435
JV - Josephvalor#1922