[A] <Shar Hellven> Tues/Wed 9-11pm Pacific 7/10 N, 2/10 H Sepulcher

Why Join Shar Hellven?
We are a guild that has raided together since vanilla WoW. We have been able to thrive all these years because of our culture. Many of us have grown up together and the close friendships we have built have led to a tight knit and supportive community. Our goal is to create a fun and inclusive environment while also completing AOTC each tier.

We are a heroic progress guild that raids two nights a week – Tuesday and Wednesday at 9pm -11pm (PST). Raid atmosphere is typically laid back and relaxed but when it comes time for progress we can be pretty focused. We are doing heroic so we don’t expect perfection and know that mistakes happen but the emphasis is on learning from those mistakes and supporting our team members.

We also have a solid M+ community and it continues to grow. On most non raid nights we have at least one group running M+ and would love for more people to join who are interested in pushing keys at all levels.

Finally, most of us are into our 30s now so the atmosphere is pretty laid back and definitely adult. If you are a hyperactive teenager or a troll this probably isn’t the place for you.

Positive attitude
Desire to improve and help the guild achieve full clears
Ability to join Discord for raids/M+

Next Steps:
If you are interested please contact Aza#11753 on Bnet or Aza#1473 on Discord.

Bumping! We are now 2/2 H and 3/9 M.

Bumping. 6/8 H in the Eternal Palace.

Sounds fun. Application submitted :wink:

Bumping - we are currently looking for a couple more potential members for 9.2! Specifically DPS with a preference for a DK but all applicants are welcome.

Bump! Still looking for a DK and a DH. Also, looking for DPS with a tank offspec.

Any need for a H priest?