[A] Shadow Wolves LF DPS for PVE Content

Hello fellow adventurers! Shadow Wolves is a heroic raiding guild that is looking for a few more folks to earn AOTC with. As of October 20th we finished our progression in Sanctum of Domination and are looking for folks interested in joining us for next raid tier. We also run M+ throughout the week and welcome casual members too.

What we are looking for: New recruits are expected to be punctual, respectful, have a firm grasp on the class/spec they are playing and be open to feedback on performance.

Open spots: We are currently full on healers and tanks so we are looking for some solid DPS (a DH would be a great addition to our group, as well as classes that can flex to heal if someone is missing for the night but we will consider all applicants!)

Raid Days: Tues & Sat
Times: 9-11pm server, MST. (Converts to 8-10pm Pacific, 10-12 Central and 11-1 Eastern)

If you’re interested in joining our raid team, an interview will be required. Please contact Misschris-Cenarion Circle, Reshyk-Cenarion Circle, or Cirup-Cenarion Circle

(Edited 1-9-22 for open spots)