[A] <Shadow Raven> LF Raiders/M+ players

Shadow Raven is recruiting!

We are seeking players to join our core raid team. At 11/11 Normal SotFO and starting heroic soon. Currently we are in need of RDPS, but will still take if you are melee. Our current times for raids are Wed/Thur. 6-9 Server Time.

We are also willing to take people not interested in raiding! We have multiple people running M+, PvP, etc. Some of us have KSM/AOTC experience also. If you are looking for a fun, casual group of people to chill with, or a place to call home, come check us out!


Guild Master: Knoxe- K Pox#2849

Guild Recruiters: Mikey- MikeyG#4997 Dark-Darkslight#8467