[A] <Serendipity> Semi-Hardcore (8/8 BWL), 3 Raid Teams


About Us:

We are Serendipity, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Formerly we were called Willingly Suboptimal (WS), and began forming months before Classics launch. Fun fact, as WS we were the first guild created on the server by 5 mins. As WS, were the second guild on the server to kill Ragnaros, and the first to kill Lucifron, Magmadar and Gehennas. We also had many of the top 50 60’s on the server.

  • We consider ourselves to be Semi-Hardcore, but we rather use the words “Progression Minded”. We say this, because unlike some semi-hardcore guilds, we strictly adhere to our schedule raid times. That means, we don’t raid on unplanned days, nor go over time. We also only require consumable on content releases.
  • Each progression oriented group aims to slay Kel’thuzad over 30 times, and then progress into what comes after whether that be Classic+ or The Burning Crusade.
  • We strive for good parses and clear time each and every week.
  • We aim to clear all raids the first week they unlock.
  • We aim to be great friends!

Classes/Specs Recruiting:

- Below are our recruitment focusses. If you are not one of these prescribed roles, that does not mean we wont consider you if you are Exceptional.
- "Weeknight" - All Exceptional DPS, Paladin Healers.
- "Late Night" - Holy Priest, DPS Warriors, Warlocks.
- "Weekend" - Limited Exceptional DPS/Healers.

Raid Days/Times:

- "Weeknight" M/Tu/Th/F 8 - 11 PM EST/ST - Progression Minded. Tu/Th are required raid days, M/F currently being optional days for ZG. 
- "Late Night" F/Sat 12 - 3 AM EST/ST - Progression Minded.
- "Weekend" Sat/Sun 8 - 11 PM EST/ST - Semi-Casual and Alts.

Current Progression:

- All teams are 8/8 BWL, 10/10 MC and 1/1 Onyxia. Guilds fastest clears are: 52m BWL, 42m MC.
- We occasionally conduct Onyxia and ZG Splits to maximize loot.

Loot System:

- "All Teams" use Loot Council.

Recruitment Requirements:

- 'All Teams' are required to have pre raid BIS.

Our Expectations:

- All members are expected to be friendly, respectful, and compassionate to each other and other guilds.
- Raiders are expected to read all guild documentation, announcements and pings.
- On Progression "Weeknight" and "Late Night" are expected to bring full consumables (Flask, Potions, Food, etc).
- Raiders are expected to be logged into raid 15 minutes before the start time.
- We expect raiders to show up to scheduled raids, and if they must miss a raid to call out more than a few hours in advance.
- Raiders are expected to be attentive during raids.
- Raiders are expected to communicate with their class leads about various concerns, or questions regarding their class.

How do I apply?

  • We use discord to manage all our guild applications.
  • https://discord.gg/mcMUsBK
  • Acknowledge that you have “read” the welcome message by clicking the check mark reaction. This will unlock a new channel.
  • Type %apply, and the bot will start the application in Direct Messages.

Who are the guild Contacts?

  • Raid Leaders: Tank/Devastate (RL), Blinkers/Angbor (LN RL)
  • Weeknight officers: Presenex, Zinek, Daus, Dukor, Pendragon, Spooky, Fourleaf, Balackai and Nornia
  • Late Night officers: Hodanna, Narnok, Pelatov, Relhok, Olfgrim, Ryiris, Somnya and Wanglin
  • Weekend officers: Prezenex, Thehelp, Jake, Katrana, Spoopy, Krytran, Dallyn
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Still actively recruiting rogues, fury warriors, holy paladins and warlocks for our Weeknight raid team!

Love Gnomes and want to see them wield Thunderfurys and lead the charge into battle? Join us!

Hate Gnomes and enjoy seeing them get punched in the face? We have that too!

Something for everyone here in Serendipity!

Still looking for new friends.

Best guild I have raided with since I played Classic. We all know the content and have played through it, but its more so the community that is the icing on the cake. I’ve never witnessed multiple raid teams operate so smoothly. There is a great sense of community in the guild and always willing to help out.

Our late night team is looking for a hunter as well as a holy paladin. Even if we are not actively recruiting your class- if you consider yourself a decent player and are interested, lets chat!

The guild is always active, and we have something for everyone! We have people leveling alts, gearing up in 5-mans, or pushing content.

Updated the OP. We are still recruiting, visit our discord to apply.

Bump! Chat with any of us online for more info! We may be on alts too, so even if you don’t see these exact officer names online, feel free to reach out!

This is one of the best groups I have ever raided with- we are really efficient at clearing the content AND we have a lot of fun :slight_smile: We are also big enough to be able to find groups for whatever you like to do, like pvp or level alts, etc.

hugs and kisses for all.

Bump it up!

OP has been updated.

still looking for friends.

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Updated the OP.

bump! Latenight recruitment is open for a couple of good players

I am our resident boomkin and I approve this message.