( A ) Schism - Ysera Raid Recruitment

We are looking for core Raiders & Dungeon teams for Shadowlands. We currently are running Mythic+ on a daily and Heroic raid on Friday & Saturday 7:30pm cst.
My Btag is brizzle10#1173.

Do you all have a website to look over?

I am looking for a home to play having recently left my old Horde guild. I run every class that can Tank but I will play anything a guild needs I have raided every tier Heroic with the exception of Ny’Alotha (which to stepped away from the game for IRL reasons). Would love to talk to someone about what you folks are looking for.

Hello sorry it took so long to reply, No one said anything on it for weeks. But we do not have a website right now, We are looking for another tank if you are interested. Best way to get ahold of me is thru my Bnet. We do teach people the raids or dungeons. Hope to hear from you again!

I have sent a battle tag friend request sorry i keep forgetting to check this thread

Do you have a need for a Resto or Guardian Druid? I sent a friend request on battle tag.

Hello I’m really sorry I got a new computer and lost all my quick-links! I don’t know if you are still interested but if you are feel free to message me back!

We recruiting for Heroic Raid spots and to fill out our roster in general!

Our main needs are
Healer (Holy Paladin/Resto Druid/Mistweaver Proffered)

We will of course consider anyone who preforms in their class and has a mindset to advance through at least AOTC.

I am also available to contact in game if you have questions.

Bumping because We still need ranged DPS