[A] <Schism> is recruiting for casual raiding and M+ Keys

Schism is recruiting for Shadowlands raiding and Mythic+ keys. We’re east coast based, typically raiding at 8PM Eastern, 5PM Server time.

First and foremost, we’re a friendly guild. A positive attitude and open mind is a must.

Second and secondmost- we’re a learning guild. Many of our players are veterans, and many more are returning or new players. All are welcome to come and learn. Patience is a virtue and required.

We’ll be raiding twice a week with the intentions to clear Normal raids and progress as far into Heroic content as we can. Players that wish to achieve AoTC will be given an avenue to do so.

Mythic+ Keystones are run daily (well, when the end of expansion blues clear up). Several of our members achieved Keystone Master for the season, which is something we look to continue in Shadowlands.

If you have any questions or would like an invite, feel free to drop me (Vo) an in-game tell or mail anytime.