[A] [Saurfang, Nag, Cael] <Cosmic Radiance> 10/10H/ Mythic+

Cosmic Radiance is a relatively newly formed guild.

We have just cleared Heroic Raid Castle and earn AOTC. A few cutting edge players stepping down from the Mythic Prog scene to have a slightly more casual approach to clearing content. Soon, we would like to trying progressing though Mythic Castle.
We raid Thursday night 7-9 and Friday 7-10.

M+ focused on non-raid nights, almost everyone in the guild is happy to help and support each other through keys.

Not hyper focused on class/spec Meta’s, but hope everyone is taking the opportunity to continually improve performance on their spec of choice and seek/welcome advice to be doing they best they can.

Guild encourages friendly banter and casual banter in voice on our discord but have a solid ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’ attitude.

LGTBQIA+ inclusive.