[A] <Sass Squad> - WOTLK Classic - Recruiting!

About Us
Sass Squad is an Alliance guild looking to add to it’s roster of core raiders for 25 man. We have full cleared 10 man Ulduar up to Yogg-saron. We are very close to a full dedicated 25 man group to clear. We are a raiding guild that will be focused on hard mode encounters, but not at the cost of the atmosphere and camaraderie we are looking to build.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday/Thursday (6-9pm server time/pacific time) with occasional off raiding days if guildies are available.

Log in prior to raid and be ready to raid at the start time
Have full gems and enchants
Let us know as early as possible if you’re not able to make it
Show up with a positive attitude

All specs but especially need DPS as we do have our core of tanks and healers

Ready to Join?
Add me on Discord: furracity#6362 or whisper WillFairal in game.

I just want to say First again. This time I posted from the right character instead of my retail one.