[A] <Sanctimonious> CE Focused Guild - Raiding Tue/Thurs. Recruiting for Mythic Prog

Sanctimonious is a 2 day weekly raiding guild, seeking motivated and competitive gamers.

Season of fun! Time to enjoy the content and drive for S4 CE.

Player > Class, so we encourage any and all competent gamers to apply!

Exceptional Applicants will have:

  • Mythic raiding experience
  • Competitive logs
  • Motivated and Mature attitude

Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday progression runs from 6:45-10:30 CST Monday optional alt/gearing run from 6:45-9:30 CST

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the guild officers and/or recruiters at their discords:

  • GM: Sanctustego - Sanc#2994
  • Raid Lead: Cheatz - cheatz#5676
  • Recruiters: Officer Sophieann#2492, Trick#5150

We also have a robust M+ community w/ members pushing different levels of M+ content from 2’s to 22’s, and our family and friends are always welcome in guild.

How about some of our Guild History?

Sanctimonious was formally called ALTernate Arrangements on Arthas server. It was formed during Icecrown Citadel and has been actively raiding high end content to include raids and also mythic plus. When the Alliance side of Arthas started to dwindle off, the guild had to make the move to Sargeras server in order to keep up with recruiting. Our guild primarily consists of eastern/central time zone raiders that range from early 20s to late 30s. We enjoy having fun while still progressing on current content. We DO NOT believe in yelling, name calling, or belittling comments during our raid time. We want things to actually be fun, because it is a video game after all.

We are 4/8M now!

Still seeking motivated raiders!

Looking for Spriest, WW, and Dps war pumpers~

Wrong character, whoops. Please ignore the horde dk.

Still recruiting Spriests, Boomies, Enhanced Shammys, and DPS warriors!

Tank main looking for NA raiding guild on my warrior. feel free to message me in game or disc if you are looking for a tank or want more info.
Disc: Xeten#8056
Bnet: #Xeten1243

We are still recruiting Spriests, boomies, Enhance Shamans, and dps warriors!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting for our illustrious raid team, inquire via the info above!

Dathea down, on to Broodkeeper! Still Recruiting.

We’re close to 7/8 mythic and still recruiting the aforementioned classes!

Looking for DPS Warrior and/or an Enhanced Shaman w/ 5/8 M experience. Brood Keeper pulls is a +

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting above classes!

Still recruiting for our raz prog and for next season!

Updated class recruiting for next tier.

Updated recruiting needs to included dedicated healers!

Recruiting DPS, Flex roles, and dedicated healers for 10.1!

We’ve got a few spots still available for starting out in the new raid!