[A] <Sacred Samophlange> is recruiting!

We just transferred from the ultra-low pop Arcanite Reaper, where we finished three Scarab Lords (those poor bastards can’t transfer until the gates can be opened there). Many of us have been playing together since vanilla, but we’ve picked up quite a few new friends in our journey through classic.

EPGP loot system.
Raids on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30PM-9:30PM server time.
Class Needs: Some priests (healing), hunters, and warlocks. Other classes will also be considered.

We aren’t chasing the fastest clear times and shiniest parses, but we do clear raids and have some laughs together. We are on the verge of starting AQ40, so if you’re looking to learn some stuff in real time with the rest of us, you’ll be a perfect fit!

Message me (Diggler#6074) on Discord if you’re interested in joining up or if you have any questions, or contact one of our members in guild on Thunderfury, or reply here on the forums. Thanks!